The Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA certification) is the international, technical portfolio construction certification program designed for investment consultants, researchers, advisers and wealth management professionals.  When you attain your CIMA certification you join a select group of over 150  investment and wealth management professionals in Australia and 7,200 professionals worldwide who hold the CIMA certification.

The CIMA certification has a core curriculum focused on three broad investment streams - The establishment of Investment Policy; Formulation of Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA); and Investment Manager Search and Selection.

This curriculum provides a strong foundation to the theoretical and practical fundamentals underlying the investment consulting and researcher industries with lectures covering key investment areas and concepts including performance measurement and attribution, efficient market theory, bond duration and convexity, risk management and the Australian legal and regulatory environment.

The CIMA certification has been specifically designed for investment consultants and researchers. However, the content of CIMA certification is also valuable to anyone working in the institutional and retail markets, especially management, supervision and marketing. 

The Program is beneficial for:

- Investment consultants
- Managed fund researchers
- Fund executives
- Trustees of superannuation and investment funds
- Dealer group/platform researchers and investment managers
- Institutional and Retail development business managers
- Private client advisors
- Portfolio managers, Product managers/specialists

To enrol you need to have three years of investment experience.

For more information and to apply visit CIMA at PortfolioConstruction Forum or call 02 9247 0497.

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