IMCA australia has over 315 members from around 100 companies across the financial services industry. The common interest for our members is the profession of investment consulting and research.

With investment consultants and researchers, facing a complex and ever changing financial marketplace, IMCA australia can help you keep abreast of investment research and industry developments in Australia and overseas.

IMCA gives members access to a range of world-leading professional development opportunities including a comprehensive seminar series, IMCA  conference and CIMA certification.

IMCA membership costs $605 (for ordinary members). This is inclusive of GST. To become an IMCA member complete the online registration form and we will contact you as soon as the information comes through.  

Click here to see the benefits and added value IMCA members recieve. Please note all new members are subject to Board approval must agree to comply and uphold the IMCA code of professional responsibility.

For more information about becoming a member please
phone (02) 9299 3445 or email

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